[Verse 1]
Can you tell me
How can one miss what she's never had
How could I reminisce when there is no past
How could I have memories of being happy with you boy
Could someone tell me how can this be
How could my mind pull up incidents
Recall dates and times that never happened
How could we celebrate a love that's to late
And how could I really mean the words I'm bout to say

I missed the times that we almost shared
I miss the love that was almost there
I miss the times that we use to kiss
At least in my dreams
Just let me take the time and reminisce
I miss the times that we never had
What happened to us we were almost there
Whoever said it's impossible to miss when you never had
Never almost had you


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|Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bedok South Sec 4B 2006 Year book entry.

The class of 4B 2006 has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the year. Moments of anguish, joy, anger, name it, we have gone through it all. But most importantly, we have not gone through these moments without undying support from our ever so caring and loving classmates who have, during these two trying years, acted as our pillars of support.
We would have to admit that time and again, thoughts of throwing in the towel did cross our mind but they have all been eradicated due to the constant motivation and support that we have been given from our classmates. Truth be told, 4B has not always been an academically inclined class like it is made out to be. Thus, we have been unceasingly reminded by our teachers to buck up. However, if there were to be one reason why we love our class so much, it would be the strong inter-racial bonds which we share.
Another reason which makes us sad that we would be parting on our different ways would definitely be how we do not screen our thoughts before we say them out loud. This results in a blatant openness which we have as our unofficial class motto. Some examples of this openness would be how we casually categories people under weird names. We have the Hong Giap gang, the notorious Geylang Serai/Five Pillars, the Ke Ai De Zhu gang and many more.
Fun has always been our middle name. Classic moments, be it Mr Kamath's weird theories, Frankie showing off his dance moves or Mastari performing as Paul Twohill and even the undisputed Nicholas Huang who is the resident debater of the class challenging Mr Sandhu, would never go unnoticed.
With inspiration from our much loved form teacher Mr Mohandas Kamath, we assure one and all from the bottom of our hearts that we will not regret our secondary school years in Bedok South.


the garden in my heart.messed.
6:21 AM

|Sunday, September 17, 2006

heyhey.. i just finished my accounts tuition and i have been pretty enlightened from this session. i was doing the accounting and analysis for $$$. Anywae, lets talk about profit. if a company is profitable, but NOT liquidable (means got cash) is it better than one which is on the contrary?? Think about it this way... With a profitable company, you have a high chance of getting $$... But being liquidable, you can do all means to be profitable. hhmm... so which is better?? brain-boggling question eh. haha. for me, i'd saying being liquidable is better.
If you are liquidable, you can use your $$$ to do more stuff for your campany. Upgrade your products, have better staff, improve your service, etc. However, if your company is profitable but not liquidable, time will be the one tt will bring your company down. can time be stopped?? no. thats why i decided that being liquidable is better. than you might question me ' so is it okay for a company to be liquidable but not profitable??' Well, with money.. you can get almost everything. On top of that you dont have to battle against time. rite?? haha this thing is controversal.
Here are some interesting stuff..
Who is the biggest customer of the straits time???
It is none other than Singapore International Airlines (SIA) ! haha. how many of you got it right?? if you remember, the air stewardess/steward will offer you several newspapers when you enter the plane before take off.
SIA has a 100 ++ planes. among these, 30 over are boeing 747s (eg. megatop, jumbo....) each of this plane carries 400 passengers. lets say they need to purchase 250 Straits Time. (250x30=7500) then, they have the 70+ usual planes like boeing777 etc. that carry 290 ppl. lets say they buy 100 for each plane (100x70=7000) total purchase of newspape-> 7000+7500=14500
total cost->14500x$25/month
wwoooaaaahh..... haha
Want one more??
haha. okie i don care if your answer was yes or no. i'm still gonna write it. wahahaha.
So what will you do if you know that your company is gonna collapse in 6months time??
1. Run away
2. try to rob a bank
3.find the loan sharks, or
4.sit and rot.
btw, forgot to include the info that you are a sole proprietor aka, if you cant pay your debts, they can take your house and car etc.
haha.. you are in luck! cos FINANCE CONSULTANT TAN MEI CHIN is here to save your day! let mua tell you wat to do.
First, you must know you have only 6months. then you have to plan properly cos this 6months will be a busy one. NOT making business, but selling.
Sell everything you have in your business to get back cash. COLD HARD CASH. Then go home and put the cash under your bed, in your pillow blah blah. After that, sell your house, car and watso eva, to your to your family member or if not just sell it to get $$ (you can put this into your kin's bank) lastly, withdraw as much money as possible from your bank. (keep like a few hundred inside if not things might smell fishy later on) put the money into your hiding place too.
Six months has arrived and the people are here to claim your things to pay your debt.. haha! but you got nothing to give except the few hundred in your bank. the rest is 'gone'. they'll then put you under the OA. Thereafter, you can use the money and start a new. =)

the garden in my heart.messed.
7:10 AM

|Monday, September 04, 2006

Ever wondered what is teenagehood really all about?? is it about activeness, the popularity, carefreeness or studies?? And one more. not forgetting the newest addition, LOVE....

I personally feel that a persons' teenage years depends significantly on his/her surroundings. In other words, we dont really have a choice to chose unless we have the power to migrate. Take my cousin for example. He's in australia and he is super active despite the fact that he is doing the same year as us.(only thing theeducation system there is diff. NO O LEVELS!!!) anywae. my point is that he seemsto be enjoying his teenage years so much while we.. are mugging like robots.
I feel Singaporean kids have no teenage. Infact, since the day we were born, childhood has already ended. Although biologically it has not, but because of the tight competition in singpapore, the rat race has to start for every new-born. Politicians might say that without competition in Singapore, we will not be able to survive. but HEY! IT'S STILL A BABY! stop forcing the word 'papa' and 'mama' into its mind for goodness sake.. And did you know that because kids are made to speak at such young age, they form dislecsia( means you see b and d or u and n). thats cos their brains are not ready yet. so throwing words at them will only make them worse!
Well.. that is the way it is.. i wish our society would accept more 'ah-moh' stuff like having a rock band.. trying asking your parents.. haha. i bet 80% would say: " siao urh!?!! go study la.. play play play.... later go ITE than you know." haha.. (no offence) I wanna join a roack band... anyone wanna take me in??? i can play instruments... haha. btw i changed my intro cideo to a rock band.. muahaha. watch it. if you've missed then refresh the page!)

the garden in my heart.messed.
2:18 AM

|Friday, September 01, 2006

( Yea... this is going to be about my reflections of the Teachers' Day Project.)

Being able the head the project was the most honourable thing. I would advice all leader-wanabees to be a head for at least once. only when you are the head, you'll get to oversee all the happenings, whether it is the problems or fun.
1.getting the right people.I would say that i am very fortunate because for this project, we got the right people. People who are willing to DO IT. That's wat you need.
2. Time management. We started damn early. So even if my team mates went over the deadline to hand in the pictures, it was okay.
3. Dont let the others put you down. i was fustrated when one of the classes replied to arrogantly and even added trouble to my team mates. I learnt how to sweep it off. For only you can make yourself angry. Your emotions is controlled by you. Why let others spoil your day?? =)
4. Co-ordination. During the shooting of class dedications it was a little havoc be cause i told them the day, but not the specific time. i did not realise that until vanessa took over the job to do 4c, 4d and 5b. the word 'time slots' That she used woke me up. haha cool. thanx van.
5.Budget. The gifts to every teacher was a little costly. It was my fault. I did not give a specific budget. I said cheap. To rashidah, 5 dollars a class is cheap. BUt to me, it isnt. haha so i learnt my mistake. and to rashidah and others, make sure you insist for a specific NUMBER when you do this job next time k?
6.Perservere, be strong. I regret relying on Kiats and Van to get the movie screened. i should have went up to her (you know who) and demand for my item to be showed. Why should i let myself and my team mates suffer for her mistake in time management??
7.Listen listen listen. Different members had different ideas for the project. I reminded myself over and over again to open my ears even if its not to my liking. Why? cos the world is not made up of a million MEichins. THere is only ONE me.
8. Appreciate. Whatever it is that your team mates submit to you, appreciate it.
9.Be creative. You wanna get things done, you've gotta try all sorts of ways to make them do their job. i advice you guys to talk soft than hard. becos if they listen to you when you're soft, it enhances your relationship. And if they dont, When you go hard, they'll see that its no joke, and take it more seriously...true?
10. Enjoy. Share the friut of labour together. It will not have been successful without my team mates.
THis teachers day turned out to be something very unexpected. it is something i will not be able to forget if i want to.

the garden in my heart.messed.
5:29 AM