[Verse 1]
Can you tell me
How can one miss what she's never had
How could I reminisce when there is no past
How could I have memories of being happy with you boy
Could someone tell me how can this be
How could my mind pull up incidents
Recall dates and times that never happened
How could we celebrate a love that's to late
And how could I really mean the words I'm bout to say

I missed the times that we almost shared
I miss the love that was almost there
I miss the times that we use to kiss
At least in my dreams
Just let me take the time and reminisce
I miss the times that we never had
What happened to us we were almost there
Whoever said it's impossible to miss when you never had
Never almost had you


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|Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just came back home not long... i'm tired!! but i must blog about my wonderful outing at sentosa with my GIRLfrens today. =))

We didnt do much. just took time off to really relax and chit chat... and of cos.take PICTURES!

the statue really looks kindof lecherous...

Yiwen and I =)

this picture is super poser...


the garden in my heart.messed.
7:28 AM

|Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've decided to post about something that happened quite some time ago.
It was sort of our first dance lesson... yun ting and melise were late. wen we asked them where they were, they said they were at orchard already... then after quite some time they still didnt reach. joyce told me that they lied. they definitely were not at orchard wen they said so.

The whole thing about this post it that i feel we shouldnt blame or even bother too much wen a fren lies to you about such trifle matters. it may come very naturally to everyone to be a little disturbed wen they find out their fren had lied to them. but if you put yourself in their shoes, you'd understand why...

I'm sure everyone has lied to their frens before. Most common one would be wen their running late, they usually tell the fren that they are reaching. why? 1. if you were to tell the person the real place you are, you might disappoint her/him. 2. to tell the person the truth every time may cause friction in the relationship.

Lying may not be wrong all the time. serious. think about it =)

the garden in my heart.messed.
12:29 AM

|Saturday, March 17, 2007

I've been doing lots of thinking lately...
ANS: feeling empty. maybe a little lost too. At first i thought it was becos of the long lack of a love life, but then come to think of it, i kindof enjoy singlehood. Of cos, who wouldnt want a person to love and be loved in return. i do. its just not time yet. =) Okay, so other then a boyfren, a person needs frens. then only, I realised that its becos all my jc frens have moved on with their life, but mine is still stationery, stuck at the point of PAE. So now i see myself standing motionless at a cross junction while everyone else has turned into different directions.

Just last week i had dinner with my canoeing frens, and the seniors. it was sort of like a gathering...Frankly i was kindof disappointed. most ppl couldnt make it. they all had sch and stuff. and the seniors, they were very 'into' themselves... seriously, all they said was hi and bye. no joke... the only 2 seniors who really talked and joked with us were darryn and david. i went all the way to toa pah yoh just to get SUANed and irritated by them. thankfully jon came to my rescue. together, we beat them flat. WAHAHAHA. Amanda wanted to go there cos she wanted to relive the fun we had. see... i think both of us are kiindof similar in the sense that while we wait for poly to start we're just kindof stuck there. all we can do now i REcall and RElive. would that be considered a sad case?

NOw that its clear about the reason to my emptiness i kindof wan to find a solution but just haven got a clue yet. i cant wait for poly to start. the i can begin my new life. just cant wait!...

the garden in my heart.messed.
10:37 PM

|Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IN the past few days i been hooked up with dance. So far i've done MTV, girls hip hop, and new school hip hop. i'm sooo in love with dance. so wanted to fuel this passion since last year and now i finally can! There's this promotion packag going on. its 90 bucks for ulimited lesson for a month. go check it out if you're interested ---> yep. i'm like going almost everyday with my dance buddies. (hehe making our money totally worth. thats wats typical singaporeans do! =D) Anywaes, my muscles have started aching especially my abdonment, cos we had to shake our butts like hell in girls hip hop.

i guess MTV is the coolest one so far. it has dance steps you see in mtvs... you know those justin timberlake kind? yea.... hahha. i was kindof worried i'd look weird. but its quite okay cos the studio is properly equiped. infact i feel that if you hold back more its gonna look worse then doing it spontaneously.

Oh well, wen i feel i'm better i'll get my girlfrens to dance with me than maybe i'll post it up here! till then... haha buh bye! =))

the garden in my heart.messed.
8:25 AM

|Friday, March 02, 2007

Back posting again!
Crashed sr today.. Aiyoz.. i went to sch then i tried to avoid ms tan while she was taking attendance. so i hid behind kelvin.. she saw me and chased after me then somehow we unintentianlly began playing merry go round around kelvin. haha! Anywae, everyone like skip class? haha.. no one is really serious bout PAE.
After sch we went to watch letters from iwo jima. i thnk the movie is so so only.
i think i'm super lucky today. cos i went to giodarno. they were having clearance sale. i went there, picked up this top. i got M size. after that i wanted to try S and L but i realise then they only had XS left. so i'm like so lucky that i got the last M. heh. THEN.. i went to pick another top. and i managed to get the last M also!!!! how lucky is that? good urh? if i can i would have buy that 10 million 4D ang pao la. wa... i win urh....
i think i'll give 5 mil to mom and dad. let them use it to invest.
then i'll take out 500 thousand and donate to charity over a period of maybe 5 years?
i'll give mom and dad and sis 1 mil each for their own use.
then another 500 thousand i give my relatives ( equal shares)
the remaining i mil i keep.
hee... see! so nice! =)

the garden in my heart.messed.
7:06 AM